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Mobile Upgrade Issue ( Random Name on Order)

Hi All, 


Hoping that someone can help before I call in tomorrow evening. Having a strange issue here when trying to upgrade a mobile on my plan. When I get to the end of the checkout before finalising I notice that there is another name in the contact details rather than my own name.  The name that appears is linked to me as is a member of my family, but I have only entered their details when getting a price for them on a package ( which they did not land up getting ) 

There are no other names on my account and the account is in my name, direct debit is in my name and all bills come addressed to me in my name. I do not want to check out as I have to provide ID to take delivery which obviously if it is addressed in the wrong name then I will not be able to do. At no point during the process does it ask me for any names at all and since I am doing it through my account and it is offering me the upgrade I cannot see why the name changes at the end. 

Any ideas? 

Appreciate any help. 




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