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Mobile data scam?

We have a BT mobile contract with 3GB of data. As there isn't a cap like with other mobile providers we have to use the app to monitor the data usage to ensure we don't exceed 3GB. Yesterday the app failed and we were signed out then today we received a text to say that the 3GB had been exceeded. We phoned BT and discovered the data had been exceeded yesterday yet the text didn't arrive until 10.30 today. This means that all the data used in the last 24 hours is now chargeable even though we weren't aware that the contract 3GB had been exceeded. Surely we should be alerted as soon as we exceed rather than a day later. Also it seems suspicious that the app failed at the same time as our data was exceeded. In 6 months we've never been close to exceeding then this happens.

We have everything with BT, phone, mobile, broadband,TV and I am very disappointed with BT not having a cap and delaying the texts to say you've exceeded. This is just a way for BT to take more money from its customers in dubious circumstances. 

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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Re: Mobile data scam?

You can now block the limit you want to spend, but seems silly for them to charge so much rather than just suggest you bought bigger capacity. They almost wait for this to happen in order to make up for lower prices charged...
I have been wondering if it was only me that seem to reach the limit before the month is over, yet it would only let you know until you are £40 over. This happened last month and after trying to convince them in 2 chats and a phone call that it was impossible I had gone over the data usage -because I reset my phone every changing month- they still wouldn't give in. They said their system was perfect and that they would send a detailed bill to show for this... I'm still waiting for it! I had been with 02 for ages, same phone, same usage and I never went over the 2GB! now, it seems it only lasts a week!? When my phone says otherwise... It can't be possible. I will report them to trading standards first thing in the morning. I think you should too. Good luck with it all
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