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*** NO WIFI Calling *** try this ..... BT Signal Assist with EE

Hi, this message concerns having NO signal in my house and how i have solved the problem.

Phone : LG G5 on EE sim (monthly with no contract)

Phone line : BT with BT Broadband

I own an LG G5 and have found out that as this phone was purchased privately it does not have the correct software loaded to show/turn on WIFI Calling. There is not a lot that can be done about this ... i turned on the WIFI calling modules with no effect and from what i can tell my phone will never have that option unless new software versions add it.

After further investigation i noticed that there was an EE signal booster box, the price is not fixed (on EBAY) and various posts advise that it is not supported (this needs to be validated by someone who has used one).

So .... after reading a couple of forums that mentioned using the BT Signal Assist box that worked (can be purchased directly from BT at £20)  i decided to take the plunge !! Wasting £20 is not the end of the world and i was getting really annoyed at not having a signal in my house.

The signal box arrived today (25/09/2019) .. I plugged it into the Sky Broadband box and turned it on ..... light was red for a minute or two .. then fast flashing green. After an hour i turned the box off/on with the same result. This was much as expected as i did not think it would just work (it sounds like it might if you have a BT SIM)  ... so i callled BT to get the box configured .... they advised that as i am an EE mobile user i need to call EE. I called EE .. was transferred to the mobile tech team ... advised them about the situation and asked them to initialize the signal box .. after providing the IMEI number of the signal box and my post code  the lovely lady pushed a few buttons .... and ....... BINGO !!

Solid Green and the first time i have seen 5 bars sitting in my Kichen .. i am as happy as a pig in **bleep**e.

Would totally recommend getting this signal box if you are with BT and on EE ... please note EE are owned by BT so no idea if this will work with O2, Vodaphone etc

I hope this helps in some way .... cheers


Little Village in West Sussex !


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Re: *** NO WIFI Calling *** try this ..... BT Signal Assist with EE

Hi ... update to the above .. it doesnt seem to improve the signal strength for O2 and Vodaphone .. no surprise really !
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