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New Mobile New Sim - ‘stuck’ order

Totally fed up.  New mobile ordered 22.06.18, promised it would be delivered 25.06.18.  It was delivered 26.06.18, ok I can live with that.  Tried most of day to active the SIM, called BT pm to be told order was still open so activation could take anytime up to midnight, guess what this morning still an open order and no activation!    

Long live chat today AM, nothing resolved reported to technical dept.  20 minute call this afternoon to be called the order is STUCK and technical dept will need to look at, can take UP TO 5 DAYS!  

Old phone not BT is deactivated today at midnight so no phone all at,  come on BTwhat sort of service is this.  I have BT landline, BT mobile and family have another 2 BT sims/phones I am extremely hacked off feeling robbed off!

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Re: New Mobile New Sim - ‘stuck’ order

Hi @Kiri

Thanks for your post and welcome back!

Sorry for the delay activating your SIM.  I can understand the excitement receiving a new handset only for frustration to follow at not being able to activate the SIM :smileyfrustrated:

Have a word with our >> Mobile Live Chat Team << to see if they can get you sorted and post back to let me know how you get on.



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Re: New Mobile New Sim - ‘stuck’ order

Edit - Mod picked it up already

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Re: New Mobile New Sim - ‘stuck’ order

Reply, been there tried that first thing this morning, followed up by a 20 minute phone call this afternoon, advised it could take up to 5 days to sort out!  Excitement preceded by desperation because no phone for husband after midnight tonight, old phone with another company will be deactivated didn’t envisage this problem.......

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