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New Mobile service issues

As of this Monday 30th BT activated my new SIM card to mine and husbands mobile. After a huge struggle leaving Vodofone I was looking forward to the new service. However after 3 days the Service bar or connection to network is really not working . Impossible to pick up in the house so all calls missed ! I have to put phone in the front porch to get a 1/2 strength signal ! 

When I placed the order for the new SIM cards the network coverage was checked and I was told it was fine . So why isn't it working ? Does anyone else have this problem ? 

Have to say for all Vodofones faults and there were many the phone worked in a cupboard ! 

Help please 

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Re: New Mobile service issues

Hi @Eliza18

Mobile coverage varies from network to network and area to area this applies to all networks not just BT. 

As you are aware BT mobile is hosted on the EE Network but some over populated areas can suffer from busy cell sites or black spots. 

The coverage map is a guide only, but you may want to check that there isn’t any issues on the network in the area using the link below. 

If the coverage is not as expected. You can a) try to get Wi-fi calling working b) use the cooling off period to port back to Vodafone and get a new customer offer. 

BT/EE Network Checker

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