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No service - Selected network (BT) unavailable emergency calls only

I have had along with my partner a 20mb sim only deal for the last three months. Although I checked coverage in our area for EE before purchase, I have rarely had signal at home and everyday I the subject description on my mobile.  I have to leave home to regain network operator and then when at home or drops again.


My message app is littered everday with 1571 messages informing me that "You have missed a call". I live in a city. I downloaded 'OpenSignal' yesterday and its mapping system clearly shows my road to be red surrounded mostly by green. Monitoring  network signal generally shows -105dbm to -120dbm.


Frankly having a BT / EE sim renders my mobile useless bar the Internet which is not with BT. I notice via OpenSignal that 3, 02 and Vodafone all have decent signal strength on my Road.


Do the good folk of this forum have any thoughts on what I can do? Is cancelling a possibility as the deal is not really fit for purpose. I cannot go 12 months at home without the use of mobile calls. 





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Re: No service - Selected network (BT) unavailable emergency calls only

Can I ask the moderators as there has been no answer to my query in over a week for an answer to be sought by BT please?

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Re: No service - Selected network (BT) unavailable emergency calls only

Hi @Magners,


I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to get mobile signal at home, while using BT Mobile. The best thing to do would be to contact the Mobile Chat Team and they would be able to advise you on the best way forward.


Give that team ago and let me know how you got on.





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