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Old Deactivated SIM card needs Reactivation

I have a old SIM card that hasnt been used in a long time and appears to be deactivated as there is no signal on it when i put it in my phone, the phone is sim lock free and this SIM has been used it it about 2 years ago so SIM lock is not the issue

I want to be able to use the sim again as i need to have access to the mobile number on it

i would like to have it reactivated but im not sure how

The numbers on the SIM are: ***************

The Mobile number is; **********

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Re: Old Deactivated SIM card needs Reactivation

Hi @geraltofrivia 

Welcome to the Community!

This a public forum, so you shouldn’t post personal information like a phone number. Please edit it out  or if you’re too late a mod hopefully  pick it up in the morning.

I assume it’s a BT Mobile SIM that was cancelled? If you didn’t transfer the number out via a PAC Code there is no way to re-instate this SIM.

You can go ahead and order a new BT Mobile SIM Card but it will have a new number.

In future, you could port the number to a Pay as You Go SIM. That way you can keep the number.


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