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Poor signal

So I have recently ended two contracts with EE and decided to consolidate my providers as I already use BT home WiFi.   So me and my partner checked our work place signal checker and our home address.  I also understand that BT either own or use EE services.  As we had no issues with our signals with EE this seemed like a good switch.  However I type this message from work with absolutely zero signal connection.  The signal strength checker shows I should have full strength but neither of us do.  This has been a big problem for us and as I am about to get another phone for my daughter I feel BT is not the one to use.  The prices are the same or infact more than other reliable providers, so I have to ask.  Is BT going to do something about this anytime soon.  From a quick search online it appears its a common problem with BT.  But in any event your signal checker has gave me false Information which gave me a false security in the reliability of the products I was purchasing.  

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