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Porting number partial failure - O2 to BT Mobile

I have added a new SIM to my BT Mobile Friends and family for my wife, having obtained a PAC from O2 to port over the old number and entering everything online.

SIM arrived no problem on 10th June, and SIM inserted into her unlocked phone, and started activation process.

(please note this is a SIM only deal, the iPhone being used is the same as per O2).

As main account holder, I got a text saying number would be transferred on June 12th.

Replaced O2 SIM back into phone, and message arrived from BT on it saying number will be transferred on June 12th.

On June 12th, waited until O2 stopped working, and inserted BT SIM. After a wait, calls and text messages can be received on original O2 number, but texts fail and call attempts are met with a voice message saying "the system is busy". So a partial port on receiving functions, but not sending functions.

Called BT on 13th and they said there was a problem with the port, it failed and they don't know why and it is with the manual porting team who will sort it by midnight on Monday 15th.

By midnight on Monday 15th, still can't call or text out. Oh and no data BTW.

Rang BT on 16th to find out what's happening. Told the manual porting team are still dealing with the issue. A text arrived from the porting team saying they are still working to resolve the issue.

Today, 17th still same. She can't make calls, send texts or use data. So basically phone is useless if not on wifi.

If BT could at least explain what the problem is, I would understand as I am technical. But I get tired of hearing the same thing if I call them again. It's with the porting team, they're working on it. I'm sure they are, but when will it be fixed?

Very disappointed with BT for this. I've ported 2 numbers before, 1 from O2 and 1 from Tesco Mobile, and it was no trouble.

Could it be due to the lockdown? I don't think so.

Getting annoyed now. Anyone have any advice?


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Re: Porting number partial failure - O2 to BT Mobile


I got  a call yesterday from BT Warrington saying the port failed at "the billing stage" part, and it is with the "technical team in India" who are dealing with it by something called "bridging", but "due to the lockdown in India are dealing with a backlog". I was assured it was in hand, and the number will be ported over to BT but a bridging process "takes 5 days".

Today at 9:23am my wife got a text on the phone, and I got an email saying

"You told us that you'd rather not keep your old mobile number (********6). So, you can carry on using ********3 which is the one you're using at the moment. You don't need to do anything else. "

Almost immediately I got a call from BT saying they believe the issues are sorted. I said that I had just received this message saying the number will not be ported. The lady that called was shocked that I had received the message, and looked a little deeper to see that it was unclear what had been done, other than what ever it was it was being done today.

I hope the message is part of their efforts to scrap the original port attempt and start again, as she said they still have the PAC from O2 and no-one else can take the number while the PAC is still valid, which it is until 26th June.

As of right now, the phone still does not dial out ("system is busy" message) and it rings when calling the number ending in 6, whichis the the number we want to port.

My wife has been without a working phone for 6 days now.

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