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Refer a friend to BT Mobile and share £50

Refer a friend to BT Mobile and you’ll both get a £25 gift card to spend on


How it works


If you already have mobile with us you can refer anyone who doesn’t. It can be someone who is already a BT customer but doesn’t have BT Mobile – for example they might only have broadband with us.

You first need to visit our refer a friend page and give us a few details. We’ll then give you a unique link you can share with your friends.



How does my friend sign up for BT Mobile?


Your friend must register for the refer a friend offer using the unique link you’ve shared with them. Once they’ve done this they need to buy an eligible mobile plan online.

It’s important they use the same email address when they register for the refer a friend offer and buy the mobile plan.



When will we get our Amazon gift cards?


Once your friend has joined on an eligible mobile plan you should get your £25 Amazon gift cards within 45 days.

Both you and your friend need to be outside your cancellation period. And you both need to have paid your next full bill from the point at which your friend joined mobile with BT.

You can check the status of your referrals by using the online status checker. You can do this by following the link in the email we sent you when your friend joined.

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Re: Refer a friend to BT Mobile and share £50

I certainly would not refer a friend to BT - poor response for mobile users using data to extremely poor broadband service to our house. Due to very poor service of broadband to our house we are using more mobile data(currently on a plan with 3 mobiles with BT) and no allowance for this mobile data under the COVID 19 scare. All data limits on broadband cancelled NOW DO THE DECENT THING AND BUILD A BETTER BROADBAND NETWORK TO ALL HOMES or CANCEL MOBILE DATA DURING THIS CRISIS.

My daughter is a key worker and using more data over this period to keep in touch with work colleagues to meke sure the work is covered. GET ACTING BT.

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