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Reward card - new customers only?

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I can't see any mention of this anywhere, but BT claimed in a phone call that it was new customers only.


 Basically this happend. My current sim contract was due to expire in Febuary I think. But during the middle of Decenber someone from BT mobile phoned me asking if I was interested in renewing my sim contract early and they would "do me a deal"


 I decided to go from the 500meg plan to the 3GB per month plan and they gave it me for £9 per month (I didn't realise the "deal" was only £1 off)


 Anyway, when I was checking my bill online I noticed that BT were offering reward cards for people claiming new sim contracts. And the reward was a £40 card. And if it is only for new customers, then perhaps it should be made clearer.


 If it is for anybody prepared to renew a contract (because I could have stayed out of contract!) then I'm super annoyed that BT had me jump the gun and renew my contract early when a better deal could have been available.


 And I have to say, that getting BT to actually call me back,or even respond with a proper understanding of what I was asking, has been near impossible! Thanks for any help

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Re: Reward card - new customers only?

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For obvious reasons providers generally restrict introductory offers to new customers; this caveat is invariably tucked in the small print at the bottom of adverts.


Contracts don't expire until you terminate the service. What expires is a perk given for agreeing a minimum period during which cancellation will attract a penalty charge; at that point the penalty charge ceases to apply but the contract remains in force until specifically cancelled. Depending on the service involved, it's usually possible to get further perks for another minimum period but the common description of this as "renewing the contract" is a misnomer and therefore doesn't attract any related introductory offer.

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