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Roaming Albania

Is there anyone from BT who is monitoring this forum who could look into a problem I encountered over a day visit I made from Corfu to Albania. (The bill-related issue has been resolved to my satisfaction but I still cannot understand how the issue arose in the first place)

During a recent holiday to Corfu (part of EU, existing package allowances all apply, no problems) I took the 90 minute ferry crossing to Albania. As the ferry docked I received a text from BT advising of the very high charges for text, calls and data while in the country, so I turned my phone completely off and left it off all day.

On arrival back in Corfu later that evening I turned my phone back on and thought nothing more about it.

On checking my account today I note I have been charged for data roaming but investigation reveals that this refers to three separate time slots on this day. One is early morning and obviously coincides with the arrival in Albania before I turned the phone off so I would have been happy to accept charges for this because it was through my own stupidity that I didn't think about roaming charges beforehand.

But, the two other incidents for which I was charged, one of them fairly substantial, were AFTER arrival back in Corfu (and I mean actual terra firma, not just in Corfu waters)once I turned my phone back on. The times that the "system" says I incurred these costs relate to times when I wasn't even in the country!

Unfortunately Corfu immigration didn't stamp our passports or I would be able to prove this but has anyone any ideas why, and how, this issue may have arisen?

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Re: Roaming Albania

At a guess I would say the phone connected to the nearest mast, which was in Albania, even though you were in Corfu, phones will ignore borders but that is purely a guess, other more technical people might have a better idea.

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Re: Roaming Albania

I'd go with Richie's explanation. Mobiles sometimes connect with a French service in St Margaret's Bay, which is a lot further from France than Corfu is from Albania. Not a problem there of course as long as Roam Like Home survives.

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