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First post….  We have four mobiles with the original BT contract and haven’t changed over as EE have roaming charges.   
I live Northern Ireland and my daughter is working near Galway and usually there is no issues with her ringing me and vice versa and also data etc.  

Today she got notification about roaming charges for the first time ever and her data doesn’t seem to be working.     I have mobile numbers all capped at £0 

Has BT sneakily changes roaming without telling us.     To be fair had so much hassle with them recently that this was the only thing keeping me with them was the no extra charges for roaming.   

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Re: Roaming

even though you have free roaming I think from other posts you need to set spend limit to say £5 and not £0

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Re: Roaming

Thank you for reply.   This must recently have changed as never had any issues.    
Just being extra observant as contract almost up and want to make sure all in order  before I renew.   As I say it’s the roaming part that is keeping us with BT.    

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Re: Roaming

If it's just for the republic of ireland it's still free roaming there on EE but not rest of europe

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Re: Roaming

I have 5 Sims for my Family on BT mobile.

I have been with BT mobile for 5 years. The last support call I had they were trying to get me to sign up to EE.

I live in Northern Ireland (County Derry) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI) is 10 miles away 'as the crow flies).

We have been getting more 'roaming' difficulties of late too. (Despite not physically being abroad!!)

When I step out into my back yard I get two text messages, one welcoming me to Ireland and the other explaining roaming fees. My back yard has stronger EU mobile phone signal compared to the BT mobile /EE mobile signal in the area.

Recently signals and services in the house have been poor and choppy.

I like BT mobile EU roaming provisions but if there are going to be forced changes / forced transition to EE our family may reconsider providers.  

Yes it could be asked are there behind the scenes changes to encourage those remaining BT customers to move so the M.V.N.O. can be shut down completely.

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Re: Roaming

@m2018gc1 At a complete guess those difficulties are probably part of the reason why roaming in Ireland is still free on EE

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Re: Roaming

M2018 the inclusive roaming is what’s keeping us with BT.   My daughter was in Donegal area yesterday and her data didn’t seem to work so am wondering if they have sneakily made changes.   
We like you have multiple sims for family      I don’t know where else provides inclusive roaming for calls / data.   
just hoping when contract up next month they don’t automatically move us   Dear knows what’s in the small print 

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Re: Roaming

@rob1974  We’ve been out of contract with our Family SIM since May last year, so I don’t think that they can automatically move you unless you agree to. We are staying for the free roaming too. There are a few MVNOs who also use the EE network. I’m not permitted to list them here though. Google is your friend 😉.

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Re: Roaming

Oh happy days.    I worried they would auto renew 

If the free roaming ends am sure plenty of us here in Northern Ireland will jump ship.  

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Re: Roaming

A 1penny for Your thoughts 😉