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SIM replacement not arrived and I can’t order again

the 21th of September I’ve called BT as my iPhone got stolen, I ordered a new replacement SIM, and it never arrived. The problem is that I cannot order a new one as I have to wait the old number has been transferred in the replacement in 3 working days, now it’s more than a week and the number has not been transferred. 
Question1: will the old number be transferred only if I activate the sim (that I don’t have?) 

Question2: if I don’t receive the sim, and the old number will never be transferred what should I do? 
(My previous number before BT was a Virgin Media but I passed in BT in June already)

I called BT 4/5 times and every time they just say: wait tomorrow, see tomorrow, check tomorrow and every day it’s the same story!!! 

I use to work a lot with my phone and without SIM it’s a nightmare!!!!  Please help me!

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