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Re: Signal booster

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I havfe just phoned Bt about the reception i'm getting on my mobile in my house and they said they will look into it and do cheaks in the mast they didn't offer me a signal booster Smiley Mad

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Re: Signal booster

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"Checks on the mast" suspect they were fobbing you off with that one.
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Re: Signal booster

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Fuming ! Just switched to BT Mobile for my elderly parents from Vodafone due to issues with continuously losing credit with Vodafone and now find out absolutely no signal in the house at my parents and BT not interested as more than 14 days since sims ordered !!! At no point was I directed to or advised to check coverage before placing the order so sorry BT your service is not fit for purpose and under the sales of goods act I should be allowed to cancel the service without penalty. It is very easy to find similar complaints from other customers and interestingly you were providing customers with signal boosters until recently which reading comments solved the problem of no indoor reception ! I think as a new customer with BT this is not a great start !
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Re: Signal booster

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Hi, ***EDITED***. You should  read the following extract from an article on their own web site:-    

Group Chief Executive Gavin Patterson said: "I’m delighted we have now completed our acquisition of EE. That is great news for our shareholders, our customers and for UK plc given we will continue to invest and innovate. Customers will benefit as we combine the power of fibre broadband with the convenience of mobile.
“We will operate a multi brand strategy with UK customers being able to choose a mix of BT, EE or Plusnet services, depending on which suit them best. The acquisition enables us to offer great value bundles of services and customers are set to be the winners as we compete for their business.

Iv'e included the link here:-


I have made several requests re signal boost box but to no avail !!!

My next door neighbour does have an EE moblie(monthly contract) and was issued a signal boost box (their BB is BT internet) same very poor indoor mobile signal, if I go into their house I get full 3g on my BT Mobile, so it seems to work across diferent networks.



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Re: Signal booster

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very unhappy about the lack of mobile signal in my area of Southend.  Would have liked to try the booster option that has been offered in the past but this is no longer available.  I'm tied into a contract so, unless there is another option I'm not aware of, I may need to get a new mobile from another provider.


Does anyone know if there is another solution that I'm not aware of?

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Re: Signal booster

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The solution is an EE contract. I think we have to accept that BT Mobile tariffs are much cheaper than EE's for a reason. Therefore it's unreasonable to expect that the former will have the full range of services of the latter. BT/EE are offering customers the ability to choose between price and service. That's fair enough, I reckon. 

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Re: Signal booster

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You may well be right however it's anoying that when I use the BT mobile coverage checker it shows both 4G and Mobile call / text coverage as "Good" (3 out of 5 bars) yet I generally get between 0 and 1.   For me therefore, BT offered a package with a coverage expectation and failed to deliver against that expectation.

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Re: Signal booster

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Have you checked the signal level during off peak mobile usage times, as its possibly your local cell site is fully utilised, and you are being handed off to another site?


This can happen if you are in an area with more than one cell site.


Signal level, as expressed as bars on your phone, will tend to drop off as more phones are using the available slots for calls.


I suspect that coverage maps are based on signal levels with no utilisation.


I can get between 1 and 5 bars on my phone, depending on the time of day. You can still make and receive calls with one bar.


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Re: Signal booster

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An interesting point, and I will check this but ultimately, it will not improve the signal I'm getting.


Thanks again

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Re: Signal booster

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Hi, I was encouraged by this ....however .....


BT saying they do not provide signal assist ... yet their website has it spelt out. 

I have a very poor signal inside. I get full signal and 4G outside but almost no mobile tel signal inside. 

I live inside the M25 so not remote. 

The people I spoke to either didnt know about it or they denied it existed and eventually one told me it was a trial......

If so why the following on the website? 

Learn about BT Signal Assist


Some people struggle to get a good network mobile signal at home - things like thick walls, basements and certain types of glass can reduce your signal.

BT Signal Assist uses your home broadband connection to give you better mobile reception around the house.

It plugs in to your BT Hub and creates a link to the BT Mobile network to give you 3G coverage inside your house with a maximum range of about 15 metres.

It's really simple to set up, and once it's up and running your phone will automatically connect to make sure you can make and receive calls. Services like text, MMS, Voicemail and call waiting will also work as normal.

BT Signal Assist can support up to four users at the same time.

Will using BT Signal Assist cost me any extra?

With BT Signal Assist calls and texts are charged at your usual BT Mobile plan rates.

Do I need a special phone to use it?

BT Signal Assist is a 3G/4G device, so 2G phones won't be compatible.

It's also not compatible with the Galaxy Core Prime and the Xcover 3.

Can anyone get BT Signal Assist?

We're only giving this out to certain customers who are having particular problems with their mobile coverage at home. So you won't be able to buy this separately.



Can I do anything about this as BT mobile faults said I should think about changing provider !!!! 





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