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So disappointing so far

So i went ahead and got myself a BT mobile sim after checking coverage and being told its the same as EE network, my package includes the Extra speed addon

My signal bar is full and reports i have 4g+ signal , my APN settings were automatically done by just inserting the SIM so i believe it all to be set up correctly

My speeds are awful though, at my home i am getting 10Mbps down, so today we went shopping and i did another speed test over at the supermarket, even worse this time as it was 3Mbps

In the exact same places my THREE mobile sim speed were 54Mbps and 48Mbps , I see on the map that i should be getting fantastic coverage, and my phone even reports a 4g+ signal so how can my speeds be so bad ?

At this point i will definitely be cancelling this sim within my cooling off period.

Is there anything in settings or something else i can check to see why it's so bad ?

Checked the Network status page and it reports no issues, and i remember some time back i had a EE PAYG sim card for a while and the speeds on that were even better than my current THREE sim

Any help appreciated 

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