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Sudden mobile data spike

On Sunday 6/02/22 I received a text message from BT that I had used up my 4Gb mobile data allowance, on my iPhone. This surprised me as I normally use about 500Mb/month. I have no idea how this happened, as I was in the house all day and using WiFi. Is there any way I can check what happened, as nothing showing up in mobile data usage on the phone - it shows I have used 27Gb since last reset on 21 June 2020?  

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Re: Sudden mobile data spike

If you log in to MyBT it will show you a graph of your daily data usage.

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Re: Sudden mobile data spike

Did you ever get an answer as I am at home and never have data roaming just use unlimited wifi but now says using data

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Re: Sudden mobile data spike

Has anyone had a satisfactory answer to this issue?

I received an e-mail last night at 8:54pm saying that I had used 802MB of my 1000MB allowance which was odd, as my usual data consumption is rarely over 400MB.

I turned off Mobile Data and planned to check it out the next day. Overnight I received three further e-mails stating that I had used all my mobile data allowance, then that I had racked up £80 excess charges and then I had reached my monthly overspend limit of £100 for using 1.2GB of data on the 1st of August and 200MB in the early hours of the 2nd August.

BT have stated blankly that I have used the Data and therefore the charges are valid. Apart from being hugely frustrating that I am being asked to pay £100 for something I have not used and derived no benefit from it seems very difficult for me to prove. My phone says I used 43MB Mobile Data between 1st and 2nd of August. My only recourse was to raise a complaint and will have to query my bill when it is issued later this month.

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Re: Sudden mobile data spike

Same thing happened to me. My phone (Samsung S21ultra) reports 600MB use (similar to my average) - but BT says 3000MB over last 2 days. Strange...

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Re: Sudden mobile data spike

When I check my phone went into wireless and networks then Date usage gave list of apps using data in the background. So went ino each one and found they had permission to use mobile data , backgrond data and roaming data.  so have stopped each one and thought if I need to use the app and must agree will do in the future.  But hopefully it will not use data without my knowledge now.

Hope this helps

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Re: Sudden mobile data spike

Update on mine:
I now have a£22-24 bill for 160MB that I have no idea what it's for! Tried locking everything down now but rather 'after horse bolted'. I feel badly done by. 65minute phone call to BT helpline was useless.

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Re: Sudden mobile data spike

I too have experienced inaccurate readings and text. I have been on holiday to Portugal, where I used tethering (poor Wi-Fi signal in our accommodation). Normally both my wife and my 40GB is more than adequate. When I left Portugal I had used 31 GB, according to my mobile. I came back on the 2nd August and on the following day, according to MY BT I used a further 2GB (even though I was at home). I then received a text saying I had used 32GB of my 40GB allowance.

I have been checking each day since then and my available GB was down to 3.2GB on the 17th August. My bill was produced on the 18th and all when back to 40GB. My bill however shows my usage at 32.86GB! So since the 12th I have used 0.86GB and the 3.2 GB reading on MY BT have vanished!



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Re: Sudden mobile data spike

My Sister-in-law had this problem on 26th June 2023 a Monday and 28th August 2023 also a Monday. On both days she supposedly used up her 2GB of data in one day. Her Samsung A21s had not updated since May 2023 and the Samsung reported only using 0.5GB data used. I turned of her blutooth and made sure her BT protect was on. BT gave us some data credit but its happen again. I see other people are having the same issue, sounds like a BT Mobile fault to me.

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Re: Sudden mobile data spike

Called BT Mobile tech but they don't believe you, they asked me to take the mobile into an EE store to be checked. Then they may call BT Technical for assistance. They can see the data has been used but not what time of day to valid where the data was used from.