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Unsolicited Marketing Texts from BT Mobile - Texting STOP Incures Charges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm furious with BT.


I recently renewed my Broadband and Phone contract with BT and when doing so was asked for an alternative phone number, which inevitably was my (O2) mobile. The 'agent' who performed the renewal tried to sell me a BT Mobile package but I declined as I am perfectly happy with my current Pay&Go O2 arrangement. I DID NOT consent to receive marketing texts.


This evening a marketing text from BT Mobile arrived with the instruction to text STOP to 61998 in order to opt out. I've never had to do this before and so was unsure whether I would be charged or not, so I checked my balance before and after sending the STOP text. Needless to say I was charged for it and I bitterly resent this. It was 'only' 14p but why should I have been charged at all? This is appalling customer service and BT REALLY OUGHT TO RAISE ITS GAME!!!! It's not a tin-pot outfit from which one should expect nothing better but a FTSE100 company that esposes Corporate Social Responsibility and all similar guff. It should put its principles into practice! Whatever happens I will not be moving to BT Mobile.


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