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Why am I unable to cancel my BT mobile contract giving more than the minimum 30 day notice period?


My BT Mobile contract is due to expire on 29th September. I rang up today (19th August)  giving notice to cancel on the 29th September.

I've read through the Ts&Cs that say I have to give 30 days notice. I read this to mean a minimum of 30 days notice and not an exact 30 days. 

So I'm giving 40 days notice. However, after being on the phone for 40 minutes the BT adviser said she cannot action this request because if I give notice today the BT system will cancel my contract on the 19th September and I will be hit with a termination charge. I can only cancel if I phone on the 29th August. She can only action what the system allows. 

This doesn't make any sense to me. If I miss the 29th and say call on the 30th I will not be giving 30 days notice and liable for charges. The advisor said this is the BT process and I should familiarise with the Ts&Cs. But there isn't anything I can find that says the notice has to be exactly 30 days. 

I'm not trying to get out of my contract early. I just want to pay what I have contractually signed up to and leave but "the system says no" and I can't talk to anyone else because they're very busy.

If I'm being ignorant and stupid here I'm happy to be told so - but I've never experienced anything like this before. Can someone confirm if I can phone up before the 29th August and cancel please? 

Many thanks




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Re: Why am I unable to cancel my BT mobile contract giving more than the minimum 30 day notice perio

You were given the wrong info, an advisor can set the date as part of the order journey and 40 days notice is allowed.

Setting a cease date can be up to around 6 weeks in advance, a PAC code is valid for 30 days though, if you do want to retain the same number with another provider then PAC is the way to go, if you're happy to lose the number then you want to cease.

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