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WiFi Calling moving from Three to BT

Has anyone else brought a Three phone to BT that used to have WiFi Calling via Three In Touch?   The phone was never "locked" as such but it appears the Three firmware was critical for using WiFi Calling.   Now I have a BT SIM WiFi Calling option is not available even though fully updated on Android 7.  Is there anything I can do the phone to make this work?

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Re: WiFi Calling moving from Three to BT

Hi @philataylor1

Thanks for posting, unfortunaly most network have their own firmware variation on Three they used either native firmware or Three in Touch.

On BT Mobile, they use native iPhone software on iPhones 5S and above, and on Samsung S9, A8(2018) purchased via BT with their stock firmware.

Some handsets when unlocked may have a similar variation of firmare that allows wifi calling to work unoffically. If the option for wifi calling is there, but doesn't work ensure that you have the EE APN settings, I will include the links below. On Android handset ensure you have the latest firmware and security updates. If this doesn't work then it means the firmware on the handset is not the same as BT's to include and allow the service. In some instances users with a non BT android handset have had to reflash their handset with a generic BTU firmware or EE's EVR firmware (EE host BT's Network), and ensure that APN settings are correct. If you do reflash the handset, ensure its backed up!

BT can only gaurantee that handsets with BT stock firmware will work.

BT Wifi Calling

BT Mobile Manual Settings & APN


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