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Wifi calling turned off prior to transfer

I transferred over to BT this morning from Vodafone as my VF suresignal stopped working and I live in a poor signal area.   30mins before the transfer I got a text from VF saying as per my request they have turned off wifi calling.   I made no such request and I cannot see any icon indicating I have wifi calling on my Samsung S7 edge.   I do not have the option to turn it on under settings, connections, wifi.    I do get VoLTE icon which I did not get on VF.   Is this the same thing as wifi calling?  
I have checked to see if a s/W update is required and it says I am up to date.
My  wife is about to remove her VF sim and also move across to BT.  We both have S7 edge phones. 
Any help and advice on what to try would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you.


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