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"but services on your SIM will be restricted." ?

Trying to order a sim card, but it says services on my sim will be restricted. Then it asks me  to verify i'm happy with these restrictions without mentioning what these restrictions are... great work BT. I'm not even a customer yet and i'm already put off.

Anyhow anyone have any idea what it means by this and what the restrictions are?



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Re: "but services on your SIM will be restricted." ?

@toadinthehole the restrictions normally consist of a credit limit and possible a data roaming cap being placed on the account for the first six months of service. If you click on continue in the order journey does it mention what these are going to be? 

If not the mobile sales team can be contacted on 0800 800 150 and they'll be able to clarify that for you.

Monday to Friday 8am - 9pm
Saturday 8am - 8pm
Sunday 9am - 6pm
Community ModeratorNeilO
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