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Adding BT Sport to Sky Q Minis ANSWER

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I have literally bashed my head against a brick wall tonight trying to get a result out of BT on this matter.


I have spoken to a total of 6 people and must have spent around 2 hours in total on hold. All without getting it sorted.


@DanielS @PaddyB Please help me. Most people at BT don't seem to know that this is even possible and the ones that do say it's another dept. that need to set it up. But then after being transferred to that dept. they say it's not possible.


I have no problem with the extra cost per month. I just want to get my BT Sports to work on my Sky Q Mini box. It works fine on my main Sky Q box.


Please let me know how I can contact you directly to get this sorted as you seem to know exactly how to get this sorted.






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Adding BT Sport to Sky Q Minis ANSWER

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Success finally!


For anyone struggling with this like I did, rest assured. It IS possible to have BT Sport on your SkyQ Mini box as well as you main SkyQ box.


Here is a link to the customer help section of the BT website where it shows clearly in black and white that this can be done.


As a lot of people have previously said, you do need a BT Sport Second box subcription. This at a cost of £6 a month extra. 


The number I called through to was apparently the customer options team. The number is 0800 374 566. The first person I spoke to was already aware of the feature and was able to setup the order in around 10 minutes for me. As people have said previously the form to setup the order has to be filled out by them offline (whatever that means? but he did mention that to me on the phone). 


Anyway, the order has now been placed and I was told the BT Sport should just start working on my SkyQ Mini box within 24 hours.


BT clearly have an issue with staff training. Out of 6 people I spoke to last night, only one person was aware this was possible but that he had to pass me to a different dept. for it to be setup. The next dept. I spoke to.... "Not possible"... Come on BT. Please train your staff.

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Re: Adding BT Sport to Sky Q Minis ANSWER

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Hi @damienbutt and welcone.


Thanks for letting us know you got this sorted. I've moved your posts to start your own thread to make it easier for anyone looking for the answer. We really appreciate your feedback and I'll make sure it's passed on for you.





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Re: Adding BT Sport to Sky Q Minis ANSWER

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Could Damien or anyone else advise me if it is possible to view recordings from BT Sport HD made on a main Sky Q box, on a Sky Q Mini box without the BT extra box subscription? I am guessing not, otherwise it would be easy to watch on the mini box by just starting a recording?


I have Sky HD at the moment with BT Sport HD. I have a second non-HD TV connected to my main box on which I can presently enjoy BT Sport at no extra cost. If and when I move to Sky Q, there is no way on earth I will pay an extra £6 per month just to keep watching on the 2nd TV.


I cannot think of any basis for this extra charge, unless it is becuase Sky Q plus Q mini allows you to watch in HD on the 2nd TV which is not officially supported with Sky HD without multiroom???

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