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Are programs available post transmission?

Hi,  Sorry for the thick question, I'm as handy as a man with no hands when it comes to PC's and Apps (and Ipads and smart phones, etc.).


Can we use the App to view programs that have already aired or do we need to watch them live? (Specifically the UFC events that run at 01:00 A.M. - Are there any contract bits that mean it can't be replayed - Or can ANY/ALL programs be watched retrospectively?).  


On a more general theme - If a program is on BT Sport App, can I Download it to my Ipad or PC to watch at a later time?  ('cos that way I can download it at work on superfast connection - Watch it later without a connection) - If not, is it something that's on the road map?


As I'm away in Australia for next 5 weeks, assuming I can only use my 3G phone on very expensive international roaming, what sort of size (MB or GB) roughly, would a 3 hour program be?    - I'm trying to work out if I can afford to watch UFC Fight Night and UFC 164 this coming week - I may have to wait till I get home and have unlimited 3G 


Good work BT Sport. Watched UFC 163 and you did as good a job if not better than when it was on ESPN. Looking forward to the new UFC programs


Oucheeeeeee - That's got to hurt!

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