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BT HD Sport on a Sky+HD Box


I'm not sure if this problem has been discussed before. I subscribe to BT Sport and have the SD channels on my Sky+HD Box. I also subscribe to BT Sport HD and also get this on my Sky+HD Box. I don't watch the TV much on Sky as I have a Humax Freesat box HD. I do not subscribe to Sky and haven't done so for over 6 years.

The sky box is always on standby. Of the three occasions I have switched the Sky box this year, my BT Sports channel in SD are working. The BT Sports Channels in HD are not receiving a satellite signal and not working?

I have checked with BT and all my subscriptions are paid and up to date. I am informed that BT are providing me with the BT Sport service and in HD too.

I am trying to fathom this out? Why when I switch on my Sky box every channel I get free including HD are working fine, but not the BT Sport HD channels? I switch the box off and reboot and they come back?

It doesn't happen to any of the Sky Channels or HD channels just BT Sport HD? Has anyone got an explanation for this?

Since leaving Sky they repeatedly keep sending me junk mail trying to get me to come back but I wont.

Are Sky somehow deliberately switching BT Sport HD off on my box? I cannot think of any other explanation for this. The box isn't unplugged, it's on standby and the telephone line is still connected?

Are Sky playing dirty???

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Re: BT HD Sport on a Sky+HD Box

BT Sports HD channels are on the same transponder, so the problem could be your dish alignment. That wouldn't explain why you get all the channels after a reboot though. Could be worth getting somebody in to check your dish, box and cables.

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