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BT Sport App Jerky/Stuttering Playback

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Wondering if what I'm experiencing is a known issue and therefore it's a common problem.

When watching live football, I am unable to use the Enhanced Player as doing so would cause the playback to stutter and become jerky although the audio is perfectly fine. Once I switch to the Standard Player it's all fine again.

Slightly rarer but sometimes that wouldn't work either and I found on another thread that switching from HD to SD might solve the issue. That indeed does the trick.

Not exactly ideal as you lose the benefits of the Enhanced Player. The app gets regular updates but this issue has been going on for several months so does anyone know if it's a common issue and if so, are BT looking into it?

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Re: BT Sport App Jerky/Stuttering Playback

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Jerky playback unfortunately just means that your device is struggling to decode the video quick enough to keep up. You haven't mentioned what the device is, but I can only assume it's a fairly low powered one?
Setting standard player to SD also sets the enhanced player to SD too, which should reduce the jerkiness.

We're currently focusing our efforts on reducing the buffering and crashes that some users are reporting. There's almost nothing we can do to improve performance of the video rendering, other than recognising when the device is struggling and intentionally lowering the quality. We've been reluctant to do that so far though, as a small blip in device performance results in the rest of that playback session being affected.
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Re: BT Sport App Jerky/Stuttering Playback

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Thanks for the explanation.

I experience the same issue on both my tablet and smartphone. My tablet is admittedly quite low spec now as it's quite old but my smartphone (Huawei Nova 4), although not flagship grade, is seemingly fairly powerful with Octa-core CPU and 8GB RAM running Android 10.

What is the recommended device specifications/requirements to run the BT Sport App optimally?

Thanks again

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