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BT Sport App – Watch together 'Beta'

Hi everyone,

With the long-awaited return of the English premiership and the return of football on BT Sport, we have released an exciting new ‘beta’ feature through the BT Sport app which will allow you to watch our content along with friends and family, even if you are a part due to the lockdown restrictions.

This new feature is not as polished as we would like but we thought it would be useful to launch this now and then get feedback from our customers so we can drive improvements.

We would very much like your feedback on this new feature, what you like, what you don’t like and if you experience any problem with the feature.  Please leave your comments below and if you are reporting an issue with this beta feature, please include the following info which will really help us,


  • What device did you use?
  • What operating system and version?
  • IF you were connected to Wi-Fi or 4G?
  • How many of your friends and family were in the video chat?


Here is some more information about the new beta Watch together feature via the BT Sport app


What is it?

Watch Together allows you to watch BT Sport with 3 friends (max 4 people per room) in an integrated video chat session – all users must be BT Sport subscribers


What does ‘beta’ mean?

This means the product is not yet as polished as we’d like it but want to let customers use it and enjoy it earlier than normal. We can then monitor performance and feedback to improve it as quickly as possible. Certain bugs might occur but please bear with it!


How do I invite friends?

Using the button in the bottom right of the screen you can share a link with friends using several apps. That link will last for several hours so if anyone leaves the room, they can use that link to re-join instantly.


Why is my stream going slowly or speeding up?

Your stream may speed up or slow down for a short period (up to 45 seconds) to sync up with your friends’ streams. It depends how far in front or behind people in your room are.


Why is my device getting warm?

Because of the processing power required to deliver HD sport as well as quality video chat some devices may warm up during use. Most devices have a system which warns you if your device is too warm and will turn it off, but if you’re worried before that warning then exit the stream and give your device time to cool off. It’s something we’re working on improving


Why can’t I hear the stream loudly?

The video chat volume is prioritised over the stream, so you can hear your friends! But we have provided volume controls for both. However, the stream volume can drop low on certain devices and it’s something we’re working on