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BT Sport App for iOS - Remove Bar on Screen

I installed the BT Sport App on my iPhone and all works great, nice app.


I do though have an annoying bar at the bottom of my screen when I double tap the home button.

Also, on my lock screen I see an icon in the bottom left.


How do I remove these please, I would hate to uninstall the app due to the annoying features?


Many thanks.

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BT Sport Expert
BT Sport Expert
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Re: BT Sport App for iOS - Remove Bar on Screen

Hi @MKR,


I've moved your post into the specific forum for BT Sport app discussions. It sounds like you're describing the app suggestions feature of iOS. This isn't anything specific to the BT Sport app and can appear for any app. For example, "Music" may appear when you plug in headphones, or another app may appear if you regularly use it at a specific location. I believe you can disable this globally if you'd prefer it wasn't there.

Sport expertColinB
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