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BT Sport App on larger screens, HELP!

I'm an existing BT Mobile customer with access to BT Sport on my smartphone only. How do I get access to BT Sport App on larger screens like my laptop and through my PS4? 

I've tried ordering the BT TV Sport package but keep getting an error Ref# COO-0048

Can someone help please?

Note: I do not have BT Broadband and am with Talk Talk at the moment (still in contract)

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Re: BT Sport App on larger screens, HELP!

As a BT Mobile subscriber, I'm afraid there's no upgrade option to get access on large screen.

Your options are:

  1. BT Sport Monthly Pass:
  2. BT Sport on TalkTalk:
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Re: BT Sport App on larger screens, HELP!


Thank you for giving feedback to the above question. I am in a similar situation; I’ve basically cracked the screen of my iPhone and have difficulty watching the BT Sport App, which I receive as part of my BT Mobile package.

I looked through your help pages for a viewing solution, and I’m a bit confused with the options it mentions.

1. I’m aware that I cannot ‘cast’ from my iPhone to my Sony TV

2. It mentions that I can ‘stream’ from my iPhone to the TV if I have the necessary equipment  (Chromecast/ Apple TV etc).

Can you please confirm then, if I purchase a Google Chromecast and connect it to my TV, I’ll be able to connect my iPhone and stream/view the live picture on my TV?

Appreciate the help before I waste any money on a Chromecast.


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Re: BT Sport App on larger screens, HELP!

If it's a relatively recent Sony TV then it'll be running Android, so you will be able to cast to it or you can also install the BT Sport app from the Play Store on the TV.  Check out the store to see if you can find the app.

If the app is there, then you just need a large screeen subscription to watch it (your BT Mobile subscription is not sufficient).