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BT Sport HD - IPC 6011 errors


I have a BT TV  (HD) subscription, with a BT Sport HD subscription. All BT TV channels (including HD channels) are working fine. BT Sport channels also coming in fine. However, whenever I select an BT Sport HD  channel to watch I get an IPC 6011 error telling me that whilst I'm subscribed to the channel there is no broadband or Internet connection.

Furthermore - trying to switch to the HD BT Sport channel actually knocks out my BT Home broadband - such that PC/laptop etc no longer have internet connection.  To bring back I need to switch BT TV to a non Sport HD channel - reboot by BT Hub 3 ,... 

I've tried multiple re-boots of BT TV Box and BT Hub 3 - all to no avail . Even a factory reset.  As long as I don't try to to switch to a BT Sport HD channel everything is fine  - I see my BT TV box address on the connections to Ethernet on my BT HomeHub page. I can BBC Playback and watch on-demand via BT TV so definitely have Internet. 

FYI My BT Home Hub 3 Has an Ethernet connector to a BT OpenReach box then goes into ASDL socket. Is there some nuance about that set up ?  I'm at a loss as to what to try next - and have already been on the phone to BT support for approx 3 hours in the past week trying to resolve !  


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Re: BT Sport HD - IPC 6011 errors

Hi @barkie.

There is clearly a problem with your line which is causing this issue. I see you have contacted us today, if you feel your issue is still not progressing, please let me now.



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