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BT Sport Second Sky box problems!!!

Hello i have a problem while trying to add a second BT sport subscription to other Sky box in my house. I currently live at home and pay for BT sport on my skybox in my room and want to add a second BT sport subscription to my Dads skybox which is downstairs?

I tried to do it online and over the phone but it keeps saying i already have a second BT sport subscription when i do not? I did have one until about a year ago, but then i cancelled it and it no longer shows up on my bill which shows that i am not paying for it anymore and also there is no BT Sport on my dads skybox downstairs when you goto the BT sport channels. It just says to watch this channel you need to subscribe to BT sport.

This is maybe where it gets confusing for BT - before I moved back home my Dad got BT Broadband and as part of the deal he got a free BT yourview box with free BT Sport for a year through his BT Yourview box. It comes via the internet and has a bad quality picture, hence why i wanted to get BT Sport through Sky for him so he could watch and record BT Sport in better quality. Is this maybe why BT seem to think that there is already a second BT subscription? Even though the BT sport downstairs is coming via a BT Yourview box and not the Skybox? 

Also obviously now that i am living back at home there are currently 2 BT accounts registered to our house, but one in my dads name and one in mine? We are getting Sky Q at the weekend and i am worried that if this problem is not sorted out by then I will lose my BT Sport upstairs as i will be having the Sky Q minibox and they do not take Sky viewing cards. So i need my BT Sport second box subscription to be able to let me watch BT Sport in my room via the Sky Q mini box.

Sorry for the long confusing post, but the whole situation is driving me mad and i want it sorted out as soon as possible!!


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