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BT Sport & Monthly Usage Limits

If I'm on a BT package that has a monthly usage limit, without SKY or a BT Vision box - will access to the new BT Sports service be considered part of my monthly download consumption ?


I ask because BT are offering Basic Broadband me at a very low price for 18 months but the 10GB limit isn't (IMHO) viable unless data from BT Sport is excluded. 


Thanks in advance Paul

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Distinguished Guru
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Re: BT Sport & Monthly Usage Limits

It won't count. See para 27 here.

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Re: BT Sport & Monthly Usage Limits

Just about to re-negotiate Smiley Wink a new contract and was thinking I ought to try and secure a good deal for unlimited usage as opposed to our current 10Gb limit, but after reading your helpful reply regarding Para 27, it seems it's not an issue.


Will only be using it to watch 'MotoGP' next year when it moves to 'BT Sport', but was worried about overstepping the 10Gb.


Only downside is we won't be watching in HD as we currently do on the 'beeb'.  Not prepared to have yet another 'box' BT Vision or YouView AND have to pay extra for privilege of watching in HD, after watching it for free for many years!


Hope it's not long before it [MotoGP] returns to being broadcast on a free HD channel.......can only live in hope!

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