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BT Sport & Sky HD - trying to sign up


We are having differculty signing to get a BT Sports package up - we've already sent a email to BT care - but its asking for the same thing again and again - My sister is a sport fanatic.


We have a SKY HD box and BT Broadband and a BT phone. The BT phone is on my dads bill and the Broadband on mine - so we have 2 different accounts.


The problem is - I'll do a copy and paste from the email.


We've been trying to get BT Sports on the sky HD box, everything went okay until we started to order it. As it then said the phone number is not the same as the account number , they don't match up, but they've been the same for years. As if you've got an account with the BB it's free to get the Sport on sky. And now we are wondering if the telephone account has to be used as both account have different AC numbers laid on two separate bills. And if so will we get charged to use the sports channel via the phone AC number???? I've got the BB AC my dad phone AC.


THEN we got this message



Thanks for your email, I tried calling you to speak about this, sorry I missed you.

I have checked your account and indeed you have Broadband with BT, however it appears you don't have a telephone line with BT. That's fine as you only need Broadband with us in order to get the BT Sport included.



If I do it one way it wants to charge, if I do it the other way it says the account provided does not match your telephone number.


But on my usage monitor it says our number is the same as we are trying to connect it with.

Its laughable when it states BT Sport is free to all BT broadband customers.


And yet its trying to charge us.


I've just noticed that there is another phone number on my online bill - which isn't ours - so has the BB hub got a different number - I give up!!!!!!!!!!





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Re: BT Sport & Sky HD - trying to sign up

Just a quick thought, but have you actually tried calling the order line instead of going online? Online ordering works okay with normal account situations, but the arraingement you have sounds *far* from normal! If you give the order number a call, talk them through the situation, they may be able to help.
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