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BT Sport on PlayStation 4

I have BT Sport package for my tv that I watch through sky. It’s all paid for through BT and not sky.

I try to log into my PlayStation on the BT Sport app however once I put details in it shows no signs of actually being signed in. If I go to settings it shows the option to sign in again but won’t let me re enter details unless I delete the app and reinstall. I presume it should say log out if its logged in properly?

If the following paragraph is true and that’s how it is and I’m signed in, it doesn’t let me watch anything still?

All the channels have a padlock in the corner and say to sign in to watch. I select that channel but just reloads page and doesn’t let me log in.

Is there a known fault with the BT sport app that is making it faulty? 
Any suggestions why it wouldn’t work?

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