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BT Sport through a non SLY Box

There are a bunch of Astra satellites at 28.2E broadcasting much FTA programming. Contrary to what SKY would have you believe, you do NOT need a SKY box to view such programming. All that I lose watching with a non-SKY box is channel 5 HD; but I gain by being able to pause and record without having to pay SLY's fees. Also I gain by having a box that can tune French, German, Spanish and Polish satellites on 19.2E; much stuff being FTA.


Now the question is... I'm a BT FFC customer... how can I watch BT Sports  from my non-SLY satellite box? 


On a different matter, my Android phone can 'throw' streams via the Airplay protocol to my satellite box. So, second question: will the Android BT Sport apps currently being developed allow stream sharing in this way?

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