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BT Sport via App/Chromecast only.

To set the scene we live in rural Derbyshire so forget any reference to Infinity! The football season started today so my son switched on the TV to watch the Man U v Spurs match. I got the call soon after to tell me the BT Sport channel did not work. Sure enough it did not but the BT Sport info channel was in full swing. I went on line and found that it was somewhere between channel 400 and 599. No, nothing there. Followed various instructions on line only to be told I was not registered for BT Sport. Yes, I am and have been for some time. Recently updated to the new free Euro sport channels. Tried the on line chat but that was not available. Called up BT and got someone relatively quickly. The fact we do not have Infinity was stated and so we could not get BT Sport via the box. Granted the free Chromecast did arrive several months ago and I installed it on a different TV to the one connected to the box. That was fine as we could get BT Sport on both. Obviously, the box service has now been turned off, as promised. Following on from that, and after a bit of a "faff" I managed to get the desired match on the TV using son's iPad via the Chromecast. The gentleman on call also stated that the whole country (or was it 90%) would have Infinity by 2017 - you know what Asquith said! In other words, the only way to watch BT Sport is via a third party piece of hardware. What happened to switching on a TV and watching it?


On a slightly different point, a couple of months ago I discovered that the TV connected to the BT box could not receive HD channels. Two others could. An engineer duly arrived (under threat that if there was not a problem I would be charged) and advised that the BT box cannot handle HD. A male/female coax (try buying one of those) was fitted between the TV and box. The source has to be set to TV for them to be received so although they can be watched they cannot be recorded.


Do forgive me here but this is now 2015 and, as I stated to the gentleman on the phone, this is worse than trying to get a VCR to work. I am trying to understand why BT makes it so difficult to watch TV. My wife also delights in calling me to get a channel on the BT connected TV other than a blank pink one. This probably has other issues with Samsung's latest and greatest. The box is connected to a 65" curve with a Yamaha AV sound system. The Chromecast is connected to a Samsung 55" with an Onkyo/Q Acoustics AV system. A Sony 50" in the kitchen receives HD without any problem.


Finally, BT cannot be "cast" from an Apple MacBook Pro, iPad, etc. via Apple TV, apparently because they do not use Silverlight.

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