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BT Sport via sky or direct via BT Box

I have been watching BT sport via sky Q for many years (in HD), however I am just about to upgrade to BT full fibre 500 and the sales person offered BT sport, via  BT pro box at a cheaper price, my question will the quality be better or worse?


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Re: BT Sport via sky or direct via BT Box

I have a Pro Box due tomorrow and BT Sport via Sky Q so will do a direct comparison over the weekend.

I think HD pictures on Sky are getting worse across the board, the suspicious might suggest that it started doing so when they wanted to start selling a TV that didn’t need a satellite, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

In my experience, BT Sport has always had higher bitrates and therefore a better picture when using a BT app or kit.

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Re: BT Sport via sky or direct via BT Box

Spent this weekend testing @PP65, to my eyes I think the HD picture for BT Sport on the Pro Box is no better than Sky Q currently and annoyingly, includes a rectangle at the top right similar to the one used by NOW, which is a distraction that should be reserved for app viewing not broadcast channels in my view.

Surprisingly for me, I also got access to BT Sport Ultimate in 4K on channel 433 and BT Sport Ultimate in 4K HDR on channel 465 on the box, with 433 offering a smooth, nicely detailed picture whilst 465 suffered from over saturation of colours when plugged into my smaller LG TV. No silly rectangles on either of these channels though, go figure.

Buying through BT does include access to the BT Sport app and picture quality in HD and 4K via my Apple TV 4K was very good indeed, better than Sky Q for the HD.

4K HDR viewing via my Xbox One S was on a par if not slightly better to my eyes than Sky Sports HLG HDR content. Box was tested with settings changed to output at 50Fps 4K UHD 8 bit and 10 bit.

I tried all variations on both a cheap (£200) 43" 4K LG LCD with a VA panel in the bedroom and a 55" LG OLED B6 (not cheap at the time), in the lounge where we do most of our viewing. YMMV. 

Did I mention the annoying rectangles?

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Re: BT Sport via sky or direct via BT Box

Thanks for your prompt reply, I think I am going to accept the free fibre upgrade at a higher speed ,but keep my BT sport via Sky Q

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Re: BT Sport via sky or direct via BT Box

Agree RE: the annoying onscreen identifiers used, they're hardly out of the way are they. The ones used on the app are atrocious.

As for quality, id go with the BT Pro box vs Sky, you're going to get better quality and more options for viewing, including 4K and app access. 

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Re: BT Sport via sky or direct via BT Box

I would stick with Sky Q

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