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BT Sport with EE Casting NOT WORKING

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Hi guys

A few months ago i used the BT Sport 3 month trial through EE and with the chapmions league on coming up i decided to repurchase the subscription with casting through the EE add-on about 4 days ago on Friday. I bought the add on, recieved a link to which it asked me for my phone number and post code where i got a ‘NCE-001’ error (because i already had an account from when i used the trial).

3 days later, casting was still not working! On my iPhone, AirPlay was only casting audio and pn my iPad i recieved the error message ‘Sorry, if you haven’t upgraded to the BT Sport with casting then you need a device with an EE SIM etc...’. I contacted EE yesterday and they just gave me another 3 month trial which hasn’t solved my problem because the same thing is still happening! Now they are saying i have to wait another 24 hours and contact them again if it’s not working which it is not and it’s looking like I won’t be able to watch the Champions League tonight!!

They suggested it might be a problem on the BT end, so here i am.

Thanks for any help

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Re: BT Sport with EE Casting NOT WORKING

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Hi @Jord4n Sorry you are having and issue with your BT Sport on EE. 

You will need to contact EE about this directly. I found this Bt sport casting to chromecast not working on their forum which may help you. If EE need BT's help to sort this for you they should get in touch on your behalf.


Community ModeratorJohnC
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