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BT Sports channels - some thoughts...

I'm a long standing BT infinity custoner now with the youview box and the extra BT Sport channels, and I think overall it's great. The youview box has completely changed the way I watch TV with its oh-so-easy youview interface allowing me to watch programmes from days ago. The pause/rewind/fast forward features are brilliant. Also, I can control my TV as well as the box with the youview remote control, and crazily enough, the buttons are more reponsive for the TV than my original TV remote! Purchase of the year, no question Smiley Wink


Little things to improve it? Well, firstly the pause/rewind functions don't quite work the same on the BT channels as they do on all the other freeview ones. You can't fast forward - it only jumps forward in minute increments and back in 15 second jumps. But that's not a big deal to be honest. 


Secondly, I notice a strange shimmering effect on BT Sport 1,2 and ESPN with bright red and blue colours. Especially red. I thought it might be my TV or cable, but no, because on BT Sport Extra there is no shimmering effect at all, and the freeview channels don't have it either. Again, it's not significantly detracting, but it is noticeable.


Finally, I think BT Sport are maybe guilty of a tiny bit of over presentation - whenever they show replays on the T20 Caribbean cricket, they have this huge flashing graphic zooming through the screen, and it's blinding me! There's no need for that - it's soar on the eyes! Could that not cause a seizure amongst epileptic people? I find myself looking away when a replay is coming because this huge blinding "T20" graphic whizzes past each time. Keep it simple and use something less distracting - less is more!


Okay that's me, but overall I think the service is great, and I'm looking forward to the next year of watching all the great sport you guys have coming up Smiley Happy

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