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BT TV App Error Code WP025

I'm having issues with the "BT TV Player" windows application, all I'm getting is a WP025 error (Sorry there's been a problem with the programme you are trying to view. Please check your internet connection and try again. (WP025))

Things I've tried:
Looking up the code on the app codes site which is useless by the way since there is an option for the "Web App" which provides the following "solutions" 

  • Try refreshing the page and trying the action again
  • If this doesn’t work, try closing your browser down and loading on a new browser session

Which is no use for the windows app since it's not a browser so I can't "refresh the page and retry the action" (although F5 does work... It doesn't solve the issue) and I can't "close the browser and start a new browser session" because... it's not a browser :facepalm: (this also means any suggestion to "clear the cache" will need to provide where BT TV Player App (on Windows) stores it's cache as there doesn't appear to be a BT folder in the ProgramData OR a cache folder in the install path of the software).

The internal error description from the main javascript file in the program files is "unable to output correctly" so this sounds like it's having an issue displaying the content, however there is no real help here either as other providers work fine (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, NowTV).
I've also checked I'm running the latest silverlight as was suggested by a mod over here: and I am running that.

Any help would be much appreciated

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Re: BT TV App Error Code WP025

Same for me. Windows 10.


It's actually the first time I've even used the BT TV Player Smiley Sad

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