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BT TV App Extra -very confusing process

I don't know if anyone else has received the email regarding signing up for BT TV App extra (for free).

I assumed this was some new App for my tablet, so I signed up for it yesterday and what followed was extremely confusing.

I received an email implying that I had created a new order for all my TV services and this stated that they would be starting up from yesterday with instructions on how to get them - even though I have been watching BT TV since February.

My worry was that this has superceded my original order (with a £5 discount for TV as a new customer).

I have just spoken to the help desk and this is not the case... the only difference is a change to the BT TV App.

But why have BT made this so confusing? The email sent out is very poor.

Mabe this is the norm?

I will be checking my next bill very carefully to make sure that there is no change to the contract I set up in February.

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Re: BT TV App Extra -very confusing process

Yes, BT systems I’m afraid. I signed up to my app offer, received a BT TV app confirmation also a BT TV and HD Services too.

Check your bill as normal but it shouldn’t have affected other parts of your contract.


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