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BT TV App HD Channels

Anyone have any ideas what's up with streaming HD content through the BT TV App?

On Apple TV I can no longer stream live channels through the BT TV app. I get error LP802 (which is nonsense). Was fine yesterday. Catch up via the Apple TV BT TV app is still fine (hence why LP802 "not connected to internet" is nonsense).

Switching to the BT TV app on iphone, I can stream BT Sports 1 (Standards Definintion) fine, but I no longer have that option for BT Sport 1 HD. If I try I am informed to watch on my BT box. This wasn't the case last time I tried.

What gives? 

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Re: BT TV App HD Channels

So I guess it's just me that can no longer steam live TV through the BT TV app. Other than the Comedy channel. Bizarre.

I have two appleTVs and the same problem on both, despite it working fine for weeks beforehand. It's not exactly a deal breaker as I also have 2 BT TV boxes .... but disappointing all the same. And really odd that on iphone I can stream SD Sports channels, but HD no longer available.

I absolutely refuse to raise this with Live chat .... I've been on that endless merry-go-round before and value my sanity too much to go there again. I'll just write it off as a good effort from BT that appears to have broken 6 weeks later.

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