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Hopefully this is the right board. 

Recently had to switch from the Youview App to BT TV App on my phone due to the Youview being discontinued. 

The Youview App was great, open it and you go straight into the TV guide which was similar to the TV guide, to see what was on or hit record to record the tv programme remotely. 

In comparison the BT TV app is not user friendly and doesn't work. 

On opening BT TV app you have the home page, obviously offering loads of films to buy. So 1 click takes you to Live TV, which also takes you to a load of adverts for TV programmes, so you need a 2nd click before you get to the Full TV listings. which now has the date hidden. compared to the TV guide and Youview app that allowed you to easily select other days and see which day you are on on the guild screen. 

Searching TV programmes doesn't work! So previously I would see an advert for a TV programme in a few days time, I'd search the title and it would come up. Now firstly on demand comes up, and you have to click in No and Later for real tv programmes. But half the time the programme ain't there. 

Anyone else had this frustration and know if i can personalise the app or use an alternative. Thank you.  

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Re: BT TV App

Hi @Bloodyhippy 

I am presuming you are not a BT Tv subscriber so the layouts may be unfamiliar to you.

The BT TV app does seem to use a similar layout feeling  to those that exist on the BT TV box and the BT Player on that box. The app also exists on several different platforms and devices and the ability to set recordings remotely only exists for those devices that can be paired to the Bt Tv Youview box.

So the home screens of the app are not the channel guide, you do have to navigate to them.

I had a quick look at the app on an Android phone and an iPad concerning your date and Search comments.

when in the Full Tv Listings

On the Android phone I used the date appears in the bottom right , i think on entry at the bottom of the screen you get at the bottom of the display All Channels  On left and Today on right.

If you want to vary the day you select  (the date .. initially Today) and a 15 day set of dates appear. the left hand side enables you to filter the channels in the guide rather than All Channels. just select the day you want

on the IOS IPad the dates are shown in a similar way to the Youview Box EPG guide and filter options are on the bottom row.

Turning to you Search observations.

If you use Search on the Youview box  the results are present with On Demand first and On Now & Later as a second option  that has to be selected. I can understand why you would prefer to have On  Now & Later first  but others may prefer to know where they might find content on demand to watch immediately.



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