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BT TV. /BT Sport.

Why is it taking so long. over 9 days now to change BT Sport from sky( cancelling on sky was done the same day) so no BT sport) They say there is a problem, ok a cpl of days you might think , but 9 takes the pxss. The problem arised from BT deactivating Sky from a s'posed  FTTP activation date back in January. BT jumped the gun because Fiber ativation never came because of install problems.. so  BT had to reactivate on sky (that took 2 days). Anyway, finally got FTTP working on the 20th of march and a few days later, phoned BT asking them to activate Sport on the BT TV box. So  BT sport got cancelled on Sky and ever since, no more BT Sport. When you phone, which I have done, 150,  the fttp team, and whoever else answers at BT end. you get different replies. One person Seems to have taken the fault over but c'mon BT 9 days... wtf.

I was gonna take out the max package, but now am more inclined to go sky route and get the Q box, and watch BT sport in SD elsewhere.

not happy.

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