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BT sport app. Cannot watch football on phone

I have only signed up to BT SPORT so I can watch football on my phone. Its a vodaphone smart. I know its not the best phone but I have internet and the Sky Sports app is fine.

It pauses while the circle spins round and then the commentary comes back fine but the image is frozen. I close the app reopen it and get another minute if I'm lucky before the same thing happens.

Once it offered me the option to watch in a lower quality (which is fine) and I saw the first half. I closed the app at half time and put it back on for second half. Missed rest of match as the original problem was back. This is the same on all channels. Its OK for catch up but not to watch anything live. I wouldn't even care if I could watch the game with a half hour delay as long as I can see it even in low definition.

This ruins any football match and I always hope the games I want to watch are on sky.

Any help would be appreciated. I don't think I can even cancel my subscription. Gutted as loads of games I want to watch are on BT.

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Re: BT sport app. Cannot watch football on phone

I should also state that Netflix and Amazon both work fine as does YouTube.

Its clearly a problem with BT Sport app.

You can't even watch it in the browser from what I can tell.
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