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BT sucks ..ordered BT sport 1st August but still cannot get it .........absolutely disgusted

Ordered BT Sport 1st August


but nothing i do makes any difference 

Theres not one single Dept in BT that gives a damm that someone in BT has wrongly cross referenced orderes to email addresses and thus their system will not let you verify you are the account holder in order to get to the page where you enter your pin number


My E Mail order confirmation is 100% correct


but letter containing PIN number has a different name but correct address


Problem supposedly has been escalated to 1st Level 2


Then above Level 2


but still after 12 hours of time wasated on phone calls and 2 unanswered e mail complaints i still cannot get BT Sport for the weekends football  which is why i ordered it


DO BT CARE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOT ON YOUR LIFE



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Re: BT sucks ..ordered BT sport 1st August but still cannot get it .........absolutely disgusted

Hi intotaldespair


Sorry to hear you are having toouble, please can you send me your details by PM so i can see if i can help sort this out for you.


Account Name, Home address and telephone number will do.




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