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Bt sport need up grade there servers to cope with high demand

BT really need to sort there servers for when there is a high demand for a programme. tried to watch the Man city liverpool match on my ipad, got error message because there was to many users using the servers. This not first time this has happened, in fact it happens every time there popular event on bt sports.
If I was paying £12 a month for this I would not be very happy very happy, in fact I would proberbly cancel my subscription.
It dose not happen when watch matches on sky go , so why should it happen on bt sports
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Re: Bt sport need up grade there servers to cope with high demand

I am replying to this thread to add my own comments.


I too wanted to watch the Man City v Liverpool game - highly advertised by BT Sport - probably the most eagerly awaited match of the season so far.  I was round at my Son's house for dinner and to test things out I tried to see if I could watch the match before - West Ham v Arsenal.  I was watching on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 via son's wifi and had absolutely no problem watching it.


Could I watch the Man City v Liverpool game?  Could I F**K !!  aLL i kept getting were vc013, vc012 OR vc014 ERROR messages.


I haven't the time or inclination to search the forum to see if other users were similarly afflicted, I guess they were, - almost certainly due to demand. 


Not good at all BT and probably a game stopper for me.  I will be seeking termination of contracts through the relevant channels - if you cannot deliver then you loose customers - full stop!

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Re: Bt sport need up grade there servers to cope with high demand

Was watching mu spurs ok then when I switched off airplay, nothing on iphone or pad. Useless info on FAQs clear cache or delete and reinstall. Still not working 3 hrs after game finished. Doesn't bode well for the future when they get even more football. You would have thought they would be up to competing with SKY
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Re: Bt sport need up grade there servers to cope with high demand

To confirm, all 3 channels went out of commission during the Man Utd - Spurs game. Chat advisors were inundated, I know, as I was 90th in line the first time, only to get cut off once again. The 2nd time I submitted a request I was ONLY 54th!!! I did get through to register my issues and the advisor confirmed that there were many dissatisfied people. I spent best part of 2 hours registering the issue.
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