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Bt sport ultimate 4k has been disabled

I have had BT sport ultimate for the last two years. Watched majority of games in 4k and all has been fine. Last week I renewed my package for another two years. Two days later after the renewal the bt sport ultimate 4k channel on 433 is now showing a message as if its not part of my package. Have spoken to the advisors who are now telling me automatically if my download speed isn't more than 44 Mbps then the channel will not show. I have the max speed in my area at 34Mbps and the channel was perfect. They sold me a 4k package at renewal and never mentioned this. Now it cannot be turned on even though it works perfectly well at 34Mbps. Is there any other users who have had this happen to them. How backwards is that. Turning off my 4k because other users have had issues at under 44Mbps. I am livid. They even had two engineers turn up at my house and had me resetting the router, upgrading my Bt vision box and retuning channels to try and identify an issue BT created. 

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