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Can anyone from BT give me a straight answer ??

I am completely confused by BT and cannot find an answer on any of the help pages or actually find a human being to speak to


I am a BT broadband customer who in June 2013 signed upto BT Vision through a Youview box


All of the BT adverts say BT Sports channels are free to broadband customers but I cannot see how to get access to them


A BT Sport has appeared on Channel 57 of my Freeview guide but does not transmit anything it seems


I have tried "activating" BT Sport on but received a message saying that I am not in an Infinity area - but I didn't think I had to be ?


Can anyone advise a very confused person please ?

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Re: Can anyone from BT give me a straight answer ??

You won't get a 'straight answer' or any answer from a member of BT staff here - this is a peer to peer forum.

However if you are prepared to take an answer from us, unfortunately with a Youview box you can only receive BT Sport if you have an Infinity Internet connection.

A few people who are on Infinity exchanges but who cannot get a Fibre connection for some reason may be able to get BT sport through a copper connection, but this is the exception, not the rule.

So you will have to wait until your exchange has Infinity enabled. In the meantime you can watch via a PC, tablet or Smart Phone (which you could connect to a TV) albeit possibly at a lower quality.

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Re: Can anyone from BT give me a straight answer ??

Or with a Sky box and a Freesat from Sky Card.


When I ordered in May I was told the channels would be on Youview but with not having infinity around here yet I would have been 'misled' and very dissapointed.

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