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Cannot cast Champions League Match replays

Please help. I seem to be unable to cast the Champions League match replays on to my TV. I am doing this via the BT sport app. Everything else on the app casts easily onto my TV but just not the full match replays. On the stats screen for the matches the chromecat button is selected, the message then comes up for SD or HD ( I have selected both standard and HD) then the match just plays on IPhone or IPad and doesn't cast on to the tv. When the match is playing on the phone there is no cast icon in top right ahnd corner. My dad is having exactly the same problem, Have had no problems casting live matches or highlights but have no joy with the replays.

All chromcasts and apps are up to date - mine is brand new. 


Is this a glitch? I noticed another thread on this subject but no solution was posted.  

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